Saturday, April 7, 2012

old and new tucson memories.

 We headed to Tucson on Saturday to spend time with family and friends.

My Aunt Debra and my cousins live there still and I hardly ever get to see them. So we spent the afternoon eating lunch and catching up.
My Aunt Debs

My cousin Cassie.

Cassie's two little girls wanted to color with us.
I colored an egg, while Marshall showcased his cactus drawing skill.

 My cousin's daughter loved dancing with me at our wedding. She called me "The Bride" and apparently still does. Any time I can relive our wedding, I do. 

I was born in Tucson, and lived there for 6 years before my family moved to Oklahoma.
I wanted to drive by my old stomping grounds to show Marshall. But when we did, I felt my early memories were being ruined.
The house did not look the same. At all.
 I realize it has been 20 years, but still. 
They can take away the big trees that used to be in the front and paint it pink, but they will never take away my memories.

We were spending the weekend at a dear family friend Myrna's house. She was my Grammie's best friend for over 45 years. She flew out to Oklahoma when she got sick in August and was there till the end. To say she is so special to our family would be an understatement. I love listening to her stories about my grandparents when they were younger. Myrna welcomed Marshall and I, and Candace and Matthew into her home for the night and let us spend Easter with her family.

Candace and Matthew drove up from where they are living and met us for the weekend.
We grilled out, drank wine, took pictures, and had a fire pit in the desert.
We stayed up way to late talking and laughing, and it was just what I have been needing.



Erin said...

Your aunt looks like your Grammie! Glad you are enjoying your ventures around the country!

Heidi said...

All of my aunts and mom look like her! It's so crazy!