Monday, November 7, 2011

We The People....

Because we are so popular we get a lot of visitors. And by a lot I mean our parents and besties come to see us. But we get pretty good at being tour guides. And learning about history. 

Today we showed our guests the historical stuff...
Disney World Pose.

Chinatown is always historical even though every huge city has one?

These guys would not break their character. How lame.

Marshall's parents wanted to go to the National Constitution Center, we had never been there either. We found an awesome Groupon so decided we would go.
 Any place that has the Oklahoma flag is fine by me.

The majority of the museum would not allow photographs but there was this one exhibit that had a true to life representation of the signing of The Declaration of Independence, including each person's real height.
They said that you could take as many photos with them, could touch them, but just don't do anything to them that you wouldn't want done to you.
Perfect for me. I pretty much have no boundaries.
 Had we known this existed, we would have brought multiple costumes and props. 
 We had to work with that we had.
 The nose taking photos were taken without the others knowledge of this happening. 
 Like father like son.

 James Madison is my size!

 Marshall's response to this picture, "is this what you look like kissing??"

 We blind folded George Washington. Who was huge by the way.


And maybe our best prop...
 The iPhone.
 Words With Friends!!

 The employees told us "our general rule is, keep one foot on the floor"

 Next time we go, we are coming prepared.



Brittany said...


Nancy Branch said...

love it!!! good times for sure! sorry, arizona has nothing like this! i think you guys are going to be bored!

-Sam I Am- said...

you're pretty :)

the words with friends pic is my fav.

and you're going to be in NYC for NYE so we can meet for reals and play play play with Val, GREAT!

ps... i'm going to be extremely annoying about this until i get what i want.

wfayew said...

this is awesome

Rebecca said...

You guys are so hilarious. And how did you get fun parents AND fun in-laws? Lucky, lucky girl!