Friday, June 18, 2010


Jessica's mom, dad, and grandpa are in town visiting. We met up with them tonight for dinner
Hey grandpa is one of a kind. Seriously, this man is great. He LOVES Glee, Betty Boop, and all things spicy, he talks a mile a minute, and he carries a picture of his wife around in his pocket. She passed away a few months ago and he wanted to bring her to China. It's so sweet.

It is fun getting to know my teammates family. It helps us connect all the dots together.
But with her grandpa... you would think he was related to Justin!

But then her dad stood up, and we realized where Jessica gets her legs from.
That's a tall man.

For those of you who live under a rock, or just don't care, USA played tonight.
And we were pretty excited to cheer our country on. Notice, red white and blue.

We headed to where else but Beer.Coffee. Tea. for some World Cup action.
It is so fun watching in this country because they actually love the sport here.

Robin brought his bestie from college. We taught them that word 'bestie'. I told Robin he was my bestie and he said he would love to be.

Ughhh. That man. It hurts already.

Anyways... his bestie...
He can open a beer bottle with his teeth. Impressive.

We watched , we cheered...
And we were proud American's tonight.




MEgan Kiner said...

Dear Kevin,
Where are the sleeves to your shirt?

Anonymous said...

To my Okalahoma Pistol Heidi,

From your GLEE pal Grandpa Gordon. I loved our time together. Interesting Blog  getting to know you better. Send me your Okalahoma address and when I visit my dad in Wichita Falls TX next year I will stop by and you can show me around your town and we will have a good time. May He bless you with Love, Peace, Joy and an Exuberant life!

Love, Grandpa Gordon