Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Children's Day!....?

I get to my 4:30 class today and my kiddos were looking suspicious. They told me that the boys in our class were playing in a "football match" outside. I assumed they wanted to go watch. I told them we had to work till half time (aka our break) and then we would all go outside and cheer the boys on.

So that is what we did.
I made them speak English the whole time we were outside. We made up a team name for the boys "The Orange team". We taught them cheers. "Let's go Orange, Let's go (clap clap). The claps are difficult for them.
The team scored 2 goals as soon as we got there and started cheering. The other team, the Art department, was mad that no one showed up for them so they started making phone calls.

I felt bad for them and wanted to cheer for both teams. But I couldn't.

When the game was over we taught them the end-of-game-tunnel-cheer-thing.
It was precious.

Marshall and I posed for a few photos while my students yelled "closer"

Who says you can't learn English and have fun while at a soccer game?
I say you can.

We hit up some Korean BBQ for din. Which means we have to walk there. Cool and Robin were ahead of us and this is how they were walking when we caught up to them.
(they have Robin's green wine in the bag)

Korean BBQ + Robin's green wine = success.

Oh and have I mentioned that its Children's Day today?
A creepy fake DonalDDuck and these 2 girls were outside a restaurant dancing for their Children's Day celebration.

I love China and all their random celebrations.


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Cathy said...

My. Worst. Nightmare. He is just standing outside a restaurant stalking little children? That sounds awful.