Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lifetime. China.

This place is random. If you read my blog then you know this place is just random... well today was no different.

First Xiao Fei shows up with gifts for Kylie and I.
Fans! They are actually pretty awesome. Good job Fei Fei.

Next random event.... There was a movie crew at our school filming a movie this evening. Not just like a student with his camera. These people were from Beijing, and had cameras, and lights, and make up on the actors.
And it is going to be played on CCTV channel 6. The movie channel.
Okay so it was probably more like a Lifetime movie. But still. It was pretty cool. When we had a student ask one of the guys if they needed foreigners in the movie he looked at me and made a face... I must have been too beautiful for the scene.

So that was the excitement of my Saturday. I sure am going to miss days like this. Movies being made outside my window kind of days.


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