Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hi Ya Pal!

We took a trip to the downtown today to pick up Marshall's suits.
We made a detour at a park
And climbed some rocks.

We were in search of the giant hamster balls.
We found them. Yes. We are coming back.

We also are in search of the perfect wig.
My crazy, awesome, grammy wants a wig. I told her I would find a good one for her since they are practically free here.
Someone please help me.

Jessica, Justin, and Heidi were downtown picking up a few things and she called me and told me to come outside the store we were at.... She said we wouldn't want to miss this.
And there they were. In 2 giant Mickey and Minnie heads.
They said they found them on the side of the street.
Who would throw these jewels out?

All that was missing was Cathy's white Mickey glove.



Kara said...

please tell me you're keeping those heads forever.

Lynn said...

i feel cheated from true china experiences, we never saw Mickey , or hamster balls or went wig shopping...