Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 points for QHD

Conversation in Class.
Troy (aka, "I'm F**** busy", his hat): Heidi, You would be more beautiful if you wore a necklace
me: (laughing) hmm.. what kind of necklace
Mr. Liu (yes, that is his English name): SILVER
me: okay
girl in class: The boys think they know everything about fashion.
******4 minutes later*****
Mr. Liu: If you do not have one then Marshall will buy one for you
me: okay
******10 minutes later*****
Troy (wearing a tshirt, gym shorts, a flip flops): Could I wear this in America?
me: Yes, you look American
Mr. Liu (wearing his usual-black slacks, button down, and dress shoes): Could I?
me: Mr. Liu, you look very Chinese
Mr. Liu: YESSSS! In the 6th grade I used to wear suits to school. They thought I was a teacher.
me: That makes a lot of sense

Our favorite (and only) coffee shop closed a few weeks ago. But they just reopened! Which means we had to go eat some lemon chicken and check out this wonder we were hearing about.
Kylie bought some cherries on the street and the lemon chicken people are so wonderful they washed them and brought them to us on a plate. I want to live there. That chicken rocks my world.

Next stop.
It was magical.
2 floors. LOTS of seating. Air to breathe.

We played some spades.
Kylie and I dominated.

We spent time with friends
And as usual, Justin creeped us out.

And we said bye to Brett.

He leaves to go back home on Friday. It's weird. He is going back to America. And then he will come back to China.

I will go back to America. But I won't come back to China.
How can anyone leave this guy?

I am bringing him home with me.


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