Sunday, June 13, 2010

boo the zoo

Marshall left town to head to Singapore, but before I sent him off, we took a trip to the Beijing Zoo. Why? Why not.

This place was depressing.
The animals were barely alive. We think China drugged their animals. They were all just weird.

We did have fun with the bear.
Of course there is a 'no feeding the animals' sign.

But is that going to stop a Chinese person? Nope.

This girl kept throwing cherries down into the depressing pit and the bear would catch it and spit out the seed.
It was pretty cute and talented I might add.
p.s. this bear reminds me of the bear on Anchorman with Baxter.

The zoo must have been prejudice toward 2 of a kinds here. Because most animals were without a mate. It made me sad for the animals. Everyone needs a life partner.
And There's mine.

I swear we could have jumped in the lion pit and they would have never known. I am surprised no one has died at this place.

Kids were just feeding the zebras
I touched him. He was just so close to me.
And this one is rubbing his butt on the tree.

But maybe the most ridiculous thing we saw was the vulture cage. There was a big fence, and then a glass wall with cut outs.
So you can stick your hand through and get eaten??

There was a panda exhibit. But we had to pay an extra 5 yuan ($0.73) to see the pandas.
It sort of redeemed the rest of the zoo.
But only sort of.

Without him that place would have sucked way more.
We make life fun together.

Lesson learned: Don't go to the zoo in Beijing. Save your $2.92 cents and buy a knock off designer bag instead.


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