Thursday, June 17, 2010

garage sale day

Today we had a garage sale. A good ol' fashion throw your shiz outside and let people come and take it away. When the students graduate and leave the school they set up their stuff outside and let the underclassmen come and riffle through it. Why can't we!?
Except we weren't just going to take their money. That's just not nice. We were going to do a raffle and give away big ticket items. Including....
Our halloween costumes the Titanic and the iceberg, a skateboard (Marshall's skateboard), and my bike. Pretty awesome giveaways.

They would get a ticket for how many items they got, they wrote their name and number and put it in whatever prize box they wanted. Sounds easy right? Not to the students.
If you build it, they will come.
And they did.

Troy purchased my old bag.
Not sure why. I did wash it though so it wasn't as nasty as his face indicates.

We demonstrated the woopie cushion.

The crowd laughed.

We had tons and tons of magazines. Both girls and boys were loving them.
Loving them so much they kept just sitting and reading them. We said to them "This isn't Barnes and Nobles, keep moving" Don't worry. They didn't understand.

We had quite the turn out. The cafeteria workers came in shifts, old people we have never seen before, the security guards, kids that came from who knows where, and the students. They all wanted to win that bike.

But then we had a few older peeps that just wanted to watch.
These 3 never got anything. But they thought that we should just give them the bike anyways.

Kevin came and brought us food.
And then everyone stopped and just watched us eat. They are still amazed that we can use chopsticks. Which amazes me.

And then after the crowd stopped, and we were just tired, we did the drawing.
Alice won the costumes. She was 1 or 5 that put her ticket in the costume box. She didn't even go to the Halloween party last semester, she just liked Titanic she said.

Hebe, my student, she won the skateboard. And rod off into skateboard heaven.

And then the big one. The BIKE! I needed a moment.
It's my bike. It holds so many memories for me.

But these girls will love and cherish it. They are freshmen so they have a couple good years ahead of them. They will make new memories with 'ol orange.

I wish I could have given every student a bike. The joy on their faces was priceless.

Garage sale day = success.


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