Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today is a big day. It's a HUGE day.
Today is Bedlam. And not just any Bedlam game. THE Bedlam game. Maybe the biggest game OSU has ever played. Okay, the biggest game I can remember OSU ever playing, and I've lived in Stillwater since I was 6. 
It's huge.

Besides the obvious reasons why it's a big game tonight, it's also a big game because I am married to one of those... those sooner fans.
 And we have to win. 
Household bets have been made. The stakes are high.
But I will say in my husband's defense he is a way better Cowboy fan than I am a Sooner fan. I might have even heard him say "the Cowboys deserve to win this year". You will never, ever, never hear me say such words about his team. He is a much better than me. I'm trying to be nicer though.
And for the sake of our marriage, and all the other house divided couples... I hope it's not another repeat of last year.

I wish we were in Stillwater right now.

*All photos were taken during our engagement session with Amanda Watson last December.  She rocks.


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