Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas #1

We celebrated Christmas a little different this year. 
We woke up and went to my brother's house and watched Jett open a few presents from them.
The main gift he got.... a car.  He has been talking about a car for months.
It was hard to peel him away.

 My bro and sis-in-law got everyone lottery cards in honor of my Grammie. 
 The lady loved the scratchers. It was perfect to get to penny scratch first thing Christmas morning.

After we ate our traditional breakfast, cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, we went back to my parents house to open all of our presents.
My mom wrapped up a box of Lucky Charms and the gyro bowl, and of course, it was his favorite. He kept feeding us all cereal all morning.

Jett getting loved on.

Marshall got me a new lens for my camera (that I still have no idea how to use). I for sure thought I was not getting this, so I was soo surprised!
And my mom got me the bag I wanted! I have a tendency to break lenses... so this bag/purse is magical.

A few of Marshall's awesome gifts.

Teri and Aaron got me 2 pretty hilarious gifts.
A book of Jett.
 And a t-shirt of Jett's face (perfectly clear thanks to our new digital printer at work!)
Now, I can take Jett with me wherever I go.
I feel like a crazy soccer mom.

My dad went and bought himself an iPad before Christmas.
So my mom wrapped the empty box. 

 My dad busted out the big guns and got my mom a beautiful diamond.
My mom gave him a magnifying glass because he always says he can't see.
You don't need the magnifying glass to see her rock.

 Marshall taught Aaron how to tie fancy knots.

 And Jett loved playing in the wrapping paper.... why do we buy kids presents again?

After we picked up all the trash, we ate a late lunch and then Marshall and I were off to Edmond to have 2nd dinner and 2nd Christmas.
Christmas just goes by toooo fast.


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Marsh said...

Two Christmases!!!!