Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas #2

We headed to Edmond for Marshall's family Christmas.
Typically, all of his aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's kids, family friends, whoever, gets together for dinner and a night of intense ornament exchanges.

 I opened the pretty Pottery Barn angel but got it stolen.
 Marshall's brother and his girlfriend and their ornament.. which was also stolen from them.

Marshall and I ended up with a pickle... and a star thing that I stole from my in-laws.

 We embroidered Marshall's dad a few company shirts.
The perks of a family business!


 The Walker Clan.

 Marshall's cousin and her family. Her kids are adorable. I can't handle it.

My brother-in-laws. I have a lot of brothers now.

We stayed up super late catching up with his brothers over drinks downtown, slept in, woke up, had lunch with his family, Marshall and I went on a movie date, then headed back to his aunt's house for leftovers. 
 And games.
A very, very strange game.

It was so great to spend so much time with his extended family. Does make me miss my extended side. But I feel blessed that I get to be apart of another family that is so close and supportive.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


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Marsh said...

That game was ridiculous... Seriously, my first turn--" give yourself a wedgie". Who thinks this stuff up? Drunk college students?