Saturday, November 27, 2010

i love a sooner. how did this happen??

Game Day. Better yet, Bedlam.

Wait, Bedlam with Marshall.

House Divided.

Thanks to these two and their generous offering of 2 tickets we were able to go to our very first Bedlam game together.

We still had a great time even though the Sooner band played "Boomer Sooner" 68 times. Seriously OU, next time why don't you branch out. Oh wait, you only know 2 songs and you SUCK!

Boz was dressed as a Ninja to fight the cold. Russell just smiled at her with loving "this crazy ninja is carrying my child" eyes.

After what was the most emotional 3 minutes in any football game ever played... we lost, we cried, we left.

And then we headed to the hot dogs. All the excitement and disappointment from the game made us hungry.
We saw fights, we saw a girl handcuffed walking with her boyfriend, and we saw drunk people. Always a pleasure on the Strip.

Marshall and I survived our first "House Divided" football game. Next year my team is going to win. He pinkie promised.



Brittany said...

hahaha love the ninja caption. i also loved your loud "come on!!!" during the game and your russell imitations. good times.

Ashley Smith said...

to bad he is so cute otherwise that would be a deal breaker!