Tuesday, December 20, 2011

life lately.

My last few days have been busy!

Cathy spent the weekend in Stillwater.
We tried to win $10,000. It didn't happen.
We also bought funfetti whoopie pie mix... and beer.

Stillwater Screenprinting Christmas party at my parents house.
  We ate a bunch of food.
Still eating the food, btw.

Jett was a camel in the church Christmas play.
 He had a hard time sitting still, and wouldn't leave his camel head on!
 But he was the cutest running around like a crazy camel.

I've also hung out with my my parents and their friends every night... they know how to have fun.

And Marshall made it to Oklahoma! 
 The holidays are busy, but always so fun!


Unknown said...


That food looks tempting! Family is always a plus, especially when there is the cutest little camel with a binkie involved!

And FUNFETTI WHOOPIE PIE MIX? I never knew there was such a thing! I will be trying soon...

Kendra said...

oh, what a cute camel! And that food spread looks amazing.