Thursday, December 29, 2011

december birthdays recap

The last few days have been Birthday Days! 

For Marshall's Birthday we had a birthday breakfast.
Then we put him to work for the rest of the day... 

His parents came into town for wine bar and Thai food. But none of my pictures turned out, it was all too dark. So imagine the fun!

We came back home and opened up a few gifts.
What person doesn't love shoes on their birthday!?


For my dad's birthday, well he worked most of the day.
But Marshall, my mom, and I met Teri and Jett at the children's museum.
 Future Doctor??

Family photo??

 Teri holding the Asian baby... missing her own Asian baby Pryce!

 The slide was for kids only...

 Mia helping make sure Jett didn't get his entire body wet at the water station.

I have no idea what I'm looking at.

The children's museum was just as much fun for adults as it was for kids. Maybe even more fun.

After that, my brother, Marshall, and my dad went golfing... because it was 66 degrees outside... and it's almost JANUARY!!! Amazing.

For dinner we grilled out steaks for dinner, sat in the fancy dinning room, and had a grand old time.

And of course, there were presents...
 iTunes gift cards... and after we taught him how to use them, and that you can purchase other things besides music, he got pretty excited about them.

We topped off our evening with more family time.
 Happy Birthday you 2!
Wouldn't be the same person I am today without the both of you!


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