Sunday, August 15, 2010

sad day

I didn't take any pictures today. And today was a really fun today.

This morning....

My family came over.
For breakfast/lunch.

There was inappropriate table talk.

And we all laughed and laughed.

We continued that laughing and watched a movie.
Seriously hilarious.

Then it was time to hug and say goodbye to Marshall.

It was time for him to go see his family.

My parents and I met his family for dinner. Because really when are we ever in Oklahoma at the same time? Hardly ever.

After a delicious meal at Red Rock Canyon Grill, it was time to head to Marshall's home.

Apparently it' s a great place to call home.

Who needs a camera when you have google images?


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Kara Pyo said...

this might be my favorite blog post of all time. google images is a gold mine.