Thursday, August 26, 2010

baby exercise

I've been busy this week.
Jett and I are learning to exercise.

And this takes up 3 evenings a week.
Why did these houseguests have to show up in my house?

I blame my family for my newest addiction.

I've also been working. blah. not fun.

p.s. Kara and the gang are back in China. She has blogged a few times and I have cried a little everytime I read her blog. I miss China. And the funny pictures and stories it produced.


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Kara said...

heidi! I miss you! I asked kevin how he's holding up without you girls, and he said his life is definitely weird. then he pointed to one of the new girls and said, "she reminds me of chops. but of course I can't tell her that. she needs to be her own person." actually, I'd prefer if she morphed into you. love love.