Monday, August 9, 2010

happy birthday wifey

Today is the day we pack up and ship out. Back to OKC. That is allll we have been doing this week. Driving from one place to the other.

We couldn't leave town without a visit to the Quiz.
It's amazing how you crave something daily after not having it for a year.

On our road trip back to the City we made a pit stop at a few famous landmarks.
Pops on Route 66
A giant pop bottle in the middle of nowhere. Sure? Why not!?

And of course right down the street from Pops, The Round Barn.
Who says Oklahoma doesn't have a lot to offer!?

We made another stop at Braums, and headed back to Kylie's house to hang out with her family for a while before heading to McNellie's for Kori's b-day din din! Hey birthday is on Friday but she is road tripping to Colorado tomorrow... so tonight... we celebrate!

It was so fun meshing Oklahoma and China.

Such a fun group of people!

Happy 25th birthday Whori Kori! Thank you for letting us all celebrate with you!

After dinner Kevin wanted to go on an "after dinner walk"
We have missed our ADWs since China so we gladly accepted this request.
So we took them to Bricktown to have our walk.
Having them in Oklahoma has been such a blast! They now can see that Oklahoma is full of a lot more than just cows. They head back home tomorrow, and then in 2 weeks off to China for another amazing year. Keep them and the rest of this year's team in your prayers.

They are going to do some incredible things this year.


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