Saturday, August 14, 2010

classic dog

Junior's Curbside had an event. A big ol' hotdog event.
It was hot.
But we braved the heat. Okay, Lynn, JR, and Aaron braved the heat. Marshall and I just went for a dog and left....

We left and went to the pool.
Where the kiddo was waiting for us.

Mia came to join us.
He loves hats. And he loves pictures.

Jett has a new game.
You throw the ball to him.

And instead of throwing it back to you.
He does this.

What an interesting kid.

When we lived in our old old house a family lived next door. They had 3 little girls all younger than me who were my best friends, a dalmatian named Sadie who loved to play with Mocha, a dad who loved to play golf with my dad, and a mom who had a ton of inside jokes with my mom. The Enix family moved to Colorado when I was in the 5th grade and I thought my world was over. Tonight their middle child Elaine got married in OKC.

He flew all the way to Oklahoma and we make him go to a stranger's wedding. What a guy!

It was so fun to see the girls and how much they have grown and changed, and how much they have really stayed the same sweet little girls! (I have no pics of the wedding because my father the PAPArazzi was all over that part)

But since we didn't know anyone but the bride we felt a little bit like wedding crashers.


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