Friday, August 6, 2010

60 years. wow.

Today we took Tim to the bombing memorial.
It has been years and years since I have been back to the memorial.
And it made me even more proud of our state.

After our heavy afternoon activities we were needing a happy hour drink.
Sonic always delivers.

We walked around Bricktown for a while. Sweating balls. We needed an AC break so we stumbled into the American Banjo Museum.

Yes, that's right. The American Banjo Museum.

After a short chat with Jack, one of the directors, he busted his own personal banjo out to show us.
And Kylie started jammin' away.
She's a natural. Look for her in the Edmond, Oklahoma 4th of July parade.
Tim's jam session was pretty rockin' too.

Because of Cathy's elite Oklahoma City University advisor status, and the lack of visitors, we got to enter the museum fo freeee.
Banjos rule.

After our celebrity status museum tour we headed back to Edmond for dinner with my family. Kylie and Tim got to experience a good ol' Reeves family dinner. It was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

60 years. Can you imagine?
I hope my husband and I are like these 2 after 60 years.

My Aunt Nancy and Aunt Debbie flew in for the big occasion. There was excellent food, great company, and a baby too cute for words.
BTW, my family is the best.

Seriously. Cutest Baby Award? Yes.

There are no words for this picture.

After a very, VERY, entertaining dinner it was time to head to the airport to pick up KEVIN!
We were pretty excited to see our long lost Chinese brother.
So excited we had Chinese speakers playing a lame 90's song that he used to sing all the time in China when he got off the plane.

The airport crew wasn't as entertained by it as we were.

Are we all in China... or Oklahoma!?

We got in the car and he showed us his cell phone...
And we laughed and made fun of his giant house phone cell phone. You can play snake on it.


We headed to Stillwater to be a little bit closer for Kara's reception TOMORROW!!

I love our Chinese reunion in the middle of America.


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