Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bueno es Bueno

We woke up, went to church, and then out on the town. We stopped at Eskimo Joe's
So the boys could meet Joe and Buffy.

I know how much they were wanting to.... no.

We headed to The Hideaway to meet my fam.
These 2 can't keep their hands off eachother.

After a huge meal we went home and had ice cream.
And I gave the grandparents their anniversary gift from China. Wedding bowls.

I'm the favored grandchild for sure now!

We were lazy and watched TV most of the afternoon and then we were ready to eat again. That's all we do here. Eat.
After a meal at Taco Bueno (the guys don't have Bueno where they live, how horrible I know) we headed to the Tower's house to say bye to Matthew.
My oldest friend in the world, Matthew heads to Iraq soon and this was going to be my last chance to say bye to him.

Sad day.
But swimming and these ladies make me happy!

It's fun merging my lifelong friends with my Chinese friends.


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