Sunday, August 29, 2010

i'm the cool aunt

If anyone were to read my blog without knowing me they might think that the cute babe that is constantly showing up here is my own offspring.

But no. I am just the aunt. A very proud aunt.

I will teach him things as he grows up...
like how to play the tiny child piano and make sure everyone's attention is on you.
step 1. just hit the keys. step 2. just be cute.
(it looks like he is wearing a dress but his onesie isn't snapped)

and of course... the "that's what she said." He wouldn't be a true Reeves if he didn't say it.
(btw, MY grammy got this for him. if you know my grammy you shouldn't be surprised)

p.s. shout out to Cathy aka Mathy
She came to visit me in Stillwater. We went to the pool, and ate din with my crazy fam, and then we forced her to stay and watch BB with us.
It felt so good to have a friend!
(this picture is super old. but somethings never change between us)


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Girls of the Wild Frontier said...

Ummm... I almost asked if you guys went to karaoke randomly on Sunday and didn't tell me but then I guess that is why you said it was an old pic!