Sunday, July 11, 2010

you pick out color

I have been back in the states a week and I still have not driven yet... I'm blaming it on the no tires but it's really because I'm kind of scared.

If anyone has been to China you know that the driving is nothing but normal. It is not like here. It isn't okay to have 4 people plus a baby on a motorcycle? There are speed limits? What's a policeman? You have to drive within the lines?

I'm learning all over again.
But turns out it's just like riding a bike.

After an afternoon at the nail salon with my mom(I was missing the tiny Asians) we headed to Aaron and Teri's house. They needed someone to entertain their kid while they cleaned their house.
They are in the process of adopting from Korea (YES!) and their home study is this week. So they needed to get ready.
I would go anywhere if this kid was promised to be there.

Aaron's job was to help clean....
But instead we shared a plate of cornbread.
I missed my brother.

We also sat and watched his dog.
Why do dogs always think they are humans?

Speaking of dogs... I still think Mocha is going to be here every time I come home. Or just laying at my door when I wake up.

She isn't. She is gone.

But you know what is still here?
Beautiful Oklahoma skies.

p.s. I am aware that most of my posts since I have been back home include that cute little kid Jett, but come on... he rocks.


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