Saturday, July 3, 2010

who is this man?

I leave tomorrow. Which means I have a LOT to do today. But it also means I don't want to do anything but play today... but I can't.

But I had to eat!
I had a wonderful lunch with great conversation with my sweet and darling student Cherry.

And then when I got back from lunch this guy was home.
And his cool girlfriend Cool had a gift for me...

I've gotten a lot of gifts from students. Most of them are too big to take with me, but this gift from Cool meant something.

She knows I love to wear dresses. She gave me one of her favorite dresses.
Totally Asian and I love it.
2 incredibly generous kind people. I can't wait for them to get married one day!

And then later that day we headed to dinner. Robin had to go work on the main campus of our school for the night so he suggested we eat at the restaurant at the school hotel because it is free for me.

Why is he just now telling us this...?

His response "I have more power than you know."

Evil Laugh.

So on our way we stopped for a few party pics. I only have 14 hours left. I have to take more pictures!
Robin wanted to take a "tiger tooth" picture. This is what he calls his girlfriend...
And then Robin and I tried not to cry as we left the school for our last dinner for a long time together...

After dinner Kevin was meeting Lucas and Farkas at the coffee shop.

Farkas. As in Farkas Reeves dot com.

I haven't seen that kid in forever!

So we said we would go for a little bit. I still had a list to do back home.
We taught them some poker and I fell asleep from boredom.

On our way out the band that was playing there tonight was setting up.
The guy had the same hair as Kevin.

Kind of looked like Andrew Tower's before he shaved it all off.

And on our way home we saw none other than a watermelon stand.
With a man with no shirt behind the counter.

Seemed very fitting for my last evening in China.

I can't express how much they love watermelon here.

Back home to sit in my empty room and cry.

I will see you tomorrow America...



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