Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prison Break

We wanted to do something fun with Val & Scott while they were in Philly, especially since it is Scott's birthday, we NEEDED to do something fun.
So we grabbed our cameras and headed out.


We got our audio tours and started the tour.

Sidenote- I prefer audio tours as opposed to tour guide tours. I can pause, skip, volume down whenever I want.

Which is worse... a prison toilet or a Chinese squattie...

I'm going to say prison toilet.

We did a lot of walking, listening, snooping, and learning.

Disney World Pose

Prom Pose.

For those tall inmates it would have been impossible to stand straight up.

This where the ghosts hang out.

Death Row

This was Al Capone's room. He had the nicest room in all the prison.

And this guy...
He was Val and I's favorite inmate.

Successful day at the prison.
So glad to have wonderful friends to talk with and seek advice and knowledge!

Next time NYC.


1 comment:

Valerie said...

if i ever get sent to prison, i hope you get to come too! marsh and scott also. and maybe even jesse d. up there.

we had such a great weekend with you guys. can't wait till you make it back to the east coast again!