Tuesday, July 13, 2010

conference crashing.

We got together with the wedding crashers
for a night of conference crashing. Kary was working at a conference in the OKC and they had a hip evening of entertainment planned for their attendants. We decided to join the party.
Alright maybe we WERE the party.

Only ones dancing....
Lynn made everyone get off their butts and just dannnceeee.

I apparently tried to introduce this lady to the "limp arm" dance. But she had her own style of old person dancing.

LIGHTBULB.... people can hire us to be their party crashers. Every party needs a little craziness, and with the lynn kary that's a given.

e-mail me for inquiries.


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Nancy Branch said...

I've seen your mom in action and she certainly can get people up off their butts and get them to dance! Love the old lady limp dance!!! So good to have you home! See you in a couple weeks.