Friday, July 2, 2010

insert a cheesy song title here.

Today, dreams came true.

My mom and Marsh has been telling me I need to learn how to make my favorite dish, Di San Xian. Khaki Ken has the best and since I pretty much live there I knew they would let me in their tiny kitchen and show me how to make it.

So these 2 besties agreed to help me conquer this dream.

So we headed up to the kitchen to get started.

Khaki was asleep the whole time.

I filmed it so I can play it back and really get it down to perfection. But basically, it has a lot of oil and MSG in it. That is what I got from all the Chinese around me. Healthy?
Maybe not. But so gosh darn delicious.

ANd Then... another dream came true.

I got my picture with the Khaks himself, Khaki Ken....
And Yes, his arm is around me.

I think I can leave China now a happy girl....


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