Wednesday, July 7, 2010

family & babies.

We left my brother's house in Richmond and headed to Maryland yesterday.
We were going to visit my cousin Amber and the fam.

She lives there with her other half, Tom.

Her nieces, Kiley and Reese, were visiting.
Their preggers momma, my cousin Leah was there.

And her hubby Justin also.

Their momma was in town.
My Aunt Nancy. Aren't the sisters beautiful!?

Plus my sis-in-law Teri, my brother Aaron, baby Jett, and my momma and father.

It was a house full.
But we were loving the family time.
It was so fun watching the babies play together and knowing they will probably never remember this trip.

Other families make cute little people.
It is strange knowing that we are all growing up. Our family gatherings are growing and changing. We used to sit around and play games real late into the night. Now, once the kids are asleep it seems that everyone else is not far behind.

But no matter what...

I have missed my family.

Jet lag is really kicking me in the butt. That and my reverse culture shock. I'm ready to sleeeeeeeep.

Tomorrow I fly hoooommeeeeeeee!!!!!


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