Saturday, July 10, 2010

garage sale day in the usa

I shacked at Cathy's house last night. Someone needed to make sure she was up at 5:30 am for our garage sale wake up call.

We headed to Kori's and starting setting up. My friends have a LOT of crap. Let me re-phrase... CATHY has a lot of crap.
We had a garage sale last summer and she sold just as much then. How?
Cathy had her fannyy. She was our money collector... why did we let Mathy be in charge of the purchases....

Trust. plus a calculator.

We were ready now.

The cars started stopping, and people started buying.
Emily wanted to make sure we had some insurance...
And before we knew it we were feeling awake and having fun!

We also had dogs to keep the customers smiling.
Oh wait. That's not a dog. That's a nightmare. Cathy was getting rid of this jewel. Can you believe it?
Pet photographer.

And this guy came to visit.

Yup. He's still sketchy Edy.

We took lots of pics, had lots of fun, laughed at people's intense park jobs, made a few bucks, sweated alot... but mostly we just enjoyed all being together.

The following pictures might only be entertaining to those involved.

p.s. I know I'm not technically "in the future" anymore, and I'm not sure if I will continue blogging. But until I decide not to then here I am. So for those 2 people that read this when I was in China... keep reading now that I'm in America.


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Kori said...

Yay!!! Keep blogging! I'm glad you documented the yard sale!