Monday, July 5, 2010

where did all these kids come from?

I'm home. Well technically not home. But I'm with my family. So I'm home.
I flew into D.C. at about 8 pm last night, and after getting lost in the D.C. airport (in my defense it was a very confusing and stressful situation and the signs were not labeled with correct English...) I finally found my family and got to meet my precious nephew for the first time!

It was a surprise drive to the lake house where my family was waiting! (I missed the family reunion on my dad's side so I didn't think we were going to the lake anymore, but my mom's side was all together on the other side of the lake)

I might have been a bit confused and discombobulated but it was such a wonderful surprise!

Today was filled with pictures, food, a little confusion about where I was, and more pictures.
I have really cute nephews. Maybe the cutest ever.
There is Jett. Who has eyes that will make the girls go crazy. He love attention, music, clapping, and not staying still. He flashes his smile at you and it melts your heart. He is still warming up to his aunt Heidi... he will love me one day.

There is Stratton. Who looks like Dennis the Menace, and everytime you ask where his belly button is he lifts his shirt and shows you his huge belly, and who thinks his big brother is the world. Every once in a while he will give you a huge and make you feel like a million bucks.

And let's not forget Dawson. The oldest of the nephews which means the most complex of them all. At 4 years old he think he is already right and the world revolves around him. And when he isn't acting like me (I also think the world revolves around me) he can be the sweetest boy. Saying the cutest things and holding your hand when you ask him to.

They all 3 have my heart.

And you really can't have a family event without a photo shoot from the teeth twins.
For those of you who are wondering why we are called teeth twins, click on the photo and examine those bad boys. THEY ARE THE SAME. We are cousins, who believe we are really sisters. We share a brain. It explains so much.

Family is everything. We had grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousin's children. One of every age!
We were missing the rest of the clan.
When did everyone start growing up and having lots of kids? What have I been doing?

And pretty soon it was time to say goodbye...
Unsure of when we will all see each other again.
But we know that with this crazy dysfunctional (at times) family. We will always love each other, support each other, and always ALWAYS laugh. With grandparents like mine, how can you not!?
It feels good to be home.

p.s. Our family could be on a t.v. series.


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