Friday, July 9, 2010


My own bed. My own room. My own bathroom. My own t.v.

I'm spoiled.

But this morning I didn't care.

I slept. For the first time since my plane landed, I slept for longer than 5 hours. I thought I loved my China bed... but I forgot what an American bed felt like.

And it felt goood.

Teri brought Jett over for me to babysit while she went to the grocery store.

Cathy also came to visit and she got here during my babysitting session...
I don't even have words for this picture. It makes me laugh so much.

That might be the last time Teri leave me with her kid.

Cathy came into town to pick me up (no tires) and take me to OKC for the garage sale the girls are having tomorrow.

After lots of hugs and screaming with excitement once I made it to the city we went to dinner and had BBQ.

Very American.
Goodness. It felt good to see them and laugh with them and take pictures with them.

They are all so tan and pretty and their hair is long.

And I have missed them.

Tomorrow they are having a garage sale. And since I grew up with Karli I know a lot about garage sales. They need me.

And if I can make $10 I would say it was a good day.



Kara said...

yay! I'm so happy that you're still blogging even though you're in america!

Heidi said...

well.... i haven't decided yet if i'm going to continue.... i mean i have no funny stories anymore! and i thought no one would read... but you are still reading....

and YOU.. YOU are taking a break and it is going to break my heart.