Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday laughs

I was introduced to these videos over Christmas break.
So, by now I am sure that mostly everyone has heard of the "Shiz Girls Say" videos. 
(I said "Shiz" because I'm a lady)
And if you haven't. Stop what you are doing and watch. Shooot, even if you have seen them. Watch again. They have yet to get old to me.
They are hilarious and so true.
You can also watch Episode 2 and Episode 3
So funny.

Well, I recently came across another.
"Shiz Nobody Says"
Again, all so true.

And here's another funny one for you. My dear friend Andrew Tower, of the famous Tower Family, who showed me these videos in December. Well, Andrew has made a "Shiz Climbers Say" video. Now, I have no idea what any of this stuff means because I'm not a climber. But I think If I was, I would think it was really really funny.
Maybe this video will get him on The Ellen Show.



Unknown said...

I also love Shiz Black Girls say and Shiz Fashion Girls say... too funny!!

Kendra said...

bahaha! love andrew's video. i'm not a great climber, but i definitely get it, and it's awesome.

Brittany said...

I have not seen these, so thank you for the introduction! Too funny!