Monday, January 16, 2012

class and the eye ball

I've been MIA. But I've been busy.
Let me tell you about my weekend. 
I actually left the house for a change.

I took a photography class downtown.
It was more like a  "this is what all those buttons on your camera do" class. I figured after a couple of years it was about time I learned. But it was fun and hopefully I learned something.

And then last night Marshall and I went to the prom. 
The Eye Ball as I call it.
Every 3rd year class at his school always has a fancy party to celebrate the end of classes and start of  rotations.
So, we got dressed up, ate a fancy meal and danced the night away.

It felt like a wedding. It was in a big hotel ballroom, with fancy centerpieces, and a dance floor that was calling my name.
 And Marshall wore his dancing wedding shoes so I knew it was going to be a party.
 And it was.
Come on, he taught his friends how to tie bowties. Party.
BTW... that guy in the picture who looks in awe, he will be doing his rotation at the same place in Denver when we are there. So we are all going to live together. Talk about a party now.

And this is Tai.
 Tai and I were matching and loving it.

 My opinion of the night... Optometry students are not just a bunch on nerds. They know how to throw a party.

And, of course we have been packing all weekend.
I don't feel like we have even made a dent in it yet.



Kara Pyo said...

wish I was there to help you pack! you know I wouldn't really help, but I could sit there while you pack and we could blog-talk and talk about chiner. sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Valerie said...

It's funny how Marshall's outfit gradually reduces from full-on suit to no jacket, untucked shirt, and undone bow-tie. That means it was a real party.

Heidi said...

kara- i wish you were here too. i love talking about chiner and i love blog talk. we could make fun of our favorite blogs together. actually, Val- you would be into that too... wink wink... and great observation. i didnt post the pictures of marshall just in his slacks... just kidding.

Lynn said...

no one packs it like Mama Mia....