Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE parrrrttyyyy

Normally I am not excited for this day. 
But this year, it was different. I was excited about our plans and happy to be with friends.
Marshall and I headed to OKC to go to the art museum for the reopening of the Chihuly exhibit. 

But first, we had to get ready.
 It felt like living in the sorority house. I have sure missed getting ready with girls. 
 We headed down to dinner. 
 The censor glasses were making an appearance tonight.

After we ate way too much queso and chips we headed down to the museum to get our art on.
 Little known fact: 
Marshall and I went to the Chihuly exhibit on one of our first dates. 
 We had to stop for photo opts.
 After we walked through we hit up the museum bar.
 Apparently this is a bar that you sit on the floor?
Kylie met up with us!
 It was so great seeing her!

They opened the rooftop at 11:30 for the midnight fireworks show!
It was cold. And surprisingly full of the older generation. But it was fun.

After we headed back to Cathy's house where Cathy performed a sold out vocal performance show. The video will not be making it on the blog.

Hope everyone had a great new years. 
Wherever you were.



Mongrel said...

Probably for the best that the video wasn't posted, but it is hilarious!

Erin said...

You ladies are looking gorgeous! Happy 2012!

Kara said...

I want to see the video!

Cathy said...

Trust me, Kara, you don't!

emily said...

You girls are so fun! Love the pics! Hope the move goes well!!