Friday, January 27, 2012

getting there...

Marshall didn't have class today so we spent the entire day (minus a trip to Target and Chick-fil-a) packing.
And I even snapped a few pics so I didn't have to google happy children and parents and their perfectly taped and packaged boxes.
 I have been putting off doing a few packing tasks on my own. I didn't want to tackle wrapping all of our mirrors and pictures. That's hard work.
But Marshall and Felicity (Ben) helped a lot.

And when we are all done I'm going to be as happy as our Chinese friend.



Lynn said...

wish i was there to help, hang in there soon you will have everything in storage and you will be working on your tan ( with sunscreen of course!)

Kendra said...

Ben makes everything better. It's just a fact.

Looks like things are really coming along!

JR said...

Who is Ben and who are you