Wednesday, January 4, 2012

birthday celebrations continue!

My mom's birthday is the 4th. But Marshall and I were heading to Tulsa so we celebrated her birthday on the 3rd. 
Marshall and I decided we would cook dinner for her because who really wants to cook on their birthday!?
 We did salmon.
Our favorite.
 And what mom doesn't love flowers on their birthday, or ANY day!?

And the most exciting birthday gift ever...
 A single cup coffee filter thing for the coffee maker... 
We gave her her present early, new slippers!
 It was a delicious meal celebrating her!

We woke up the next day, packed up our stuff, and did a birthday lunch.
We love celebrating by eating food.

Jett was having a few eye issues he needed to discuss with his Uncle Marshall.
 He is a much better patient than me.

My dad photo bombed this one and it is amazing.

 Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you!!

We headed to Tulsa to spend our last moments with Marshall's family.
All of my pictures from this post are of us eating.

We hung with his parents, went and visited Mashall's good friend and his adorable 3 year old, and ate way too much red velvet cake.
Hmm.... hitting the gym hard when we get back!

We fly back to Philadelphia tomorrow which will probably mean a lot less blog posts because all I will be doing is packing to move to Arizona in a month!

Excited, overwhelmed, but feeling blessed.
I can't wait until we live back in Oklahoma.


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