Saturday, July 16, 2011

"you were the MOH... I feel so honored"

Today we headed to the Magic Gardens.
If you ever visit Philly, you should spend the $5 and visit this place. It's crazy.
See.... crazy.
After the Magic Gardens we headed down to the Italian Market so Cathy could eat a cheesesteak.

Because you can't come to Philly and not have one.

After walking all over the city he headed back to my area to drink free beer!
Every Saturday afternoon the Philadelphia Brewing Company gives free tours and tastings.
And you know we love free things!

We went back home and got ready for dinner.
And dominated some Mexican food.

We went and hung out with a friend after but had to call it an early night because Cathy's flight... early early!

I've been so spoiled this week having her here, I'm not ready to say bye!


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