Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i'm a book nerd now

My dear friend Valerie has been telling me for months that I need to read this
While I was in NYC visiting her I borrowed her 3 books in the series. I started immediately but while Cathy was here we were too busy watching Make It Or Break It to read!! Come on people!
I have my street cred to worry about.

But now I am happy to say that I finished the book last night. And I am officially a teen novel groupie! (for those that know me, know I hardly ever read... harry potter who?)

I can not wait for the movie.
Side note: the movie comes out in March 2012.... we will be living in Phoenix with my Aunt Nancy. That's weird.

I'm off to start the 2nd book Catching Fire!!



Ashley Smith said...

hey i heard on the news yesterday am that if you get caught texting and walking in Philly that you get a $150 ticket! Wanted to make sure you poor married people were in the know ;)

Jessica said...

i LOVE those books! they are so fun!! love you too cuz xoxo