Monday, July 4, 2011

Go America!!

4th of July!

I've been needing a distraction from things so we decided to leave our hot tiny row home and cross the Walt Whitman bridge to Jersey. Marshall has a friend who has a friend who has a REAL POOL!
Our friends brought their new puppy....
He hated the water. How can you hate the water.

We headed back to the city to get ready for fireworks.

I felt like I was in China. The mass amounts of people.
It was nuts. The news told me about 125,000 people were out watching the show. That's multiple Stillwaters...
We made some friends who took a picture for us, then wanted to be in the picture with us. Philadelphians loooove this holiday.

You know what else Philadelphians love.... Boys II Men... they performed! Along with many other awesome soul train type of groups. And Sara Bareilles. It was all very crazy.

Hope everyone had a safe fun holiday.

Back to reality.


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