Sunday, July 10, 2011

jurassic parkkkk

This weekend we visited The Bryants in NYC.
I love riding the bus. It's so cheap and easy.

We didn't have much planned for our weekend. We knew we wanted to go to their church and hopefully get to hear Tim Keller live. Unfortunately, he wasn't there, but it was still a great message!

After church we searched for a brunch location that wouldn't break our broke married banks.

Along the way we found some dedicated Harry Potter fans.
I don't understand the love.

But Val does.
She was so excited to be at the site of the premiere... even if the cast was no where near!

We eventually found a cute little restaurant and it was so good!
I had never had, nor heard, of popovers?? And somehow we talked our waiter into bringing us some for free!
After we dominated the breakfast scene Val and I sent the husbands to the library to study and we lounged in the AC.

I really needed this weekend.
A weekend of literally just hanging out and talking with good friends.

I love being so close these people!


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Valerie said...

you summed up our 21 hours of togetherness perfectly! :)