Thursday, April 7, 2011

why couldn't i think of this??

Everyone knows I love a good wedding blog. I gain so much inspiration from the brides and photographers who are outside the typical "wedding bubble" and I just want to include every idea I find into mine.
But I can't. I had to finally just pick a theme and go with it and NOT change my mind every time a new post was up.

Well let me tell you... I just found a wedding that knocked my socks off.

One of my favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, just posted Rebecca and Derek's LA wedding, photographed by Rachel Thurston.

I wish I were their friends. I wish I was invited to this wedding.
They had a bicycle themed wedding.
After their ceremony they had rented bikes for all their guests and they rod to a park decorated ballons and had a picnic.
They rode to an ice cream shop and everyone got ice cream sandwiches, then they had a minigolf course set up that led them through their love story and lots more fun stuff.
(all photos from GWS)

How precious. Who thinks of this stuff?? I'm. So. Jealous.

Not everyone could pull this type of event off, but please. If you are the type, do it, and invite me.

My wedding is just going to seem normal now.

There were many more unique elements to their wedding, so if you interest go check out the rest of their fun day here.


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Ashley Slater said...

oh wow, that is awesome. That is something I would totally do but my husband wouldn't have been down with. He wanted a more traditional wedding. I loved our wedding though-- and you will love yours too, wit or without bikes!