Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i'm sorry facebook uploader

There used to be a time (college days) where I would have to force myself to wait an ENTIRE day after the social event before making a facebook album. I would try so hard to think of a clever title, or pass the job on to a friend who I knew would come up with something creative.

When I left for China, my friends wondered "who is going to tag me now?"
I have failed since my return home.

But tonight I uploaded pictures to the book FROM NOVEMBER!!

What is wrong with me? Am I lazy? Don't care? Too busy?

I try and blog post as often as I can (my life is really boring) so my 6 readers out there know what's going on with me. But why have I neglected the facebook world and the 1,000 friends I have that I don't actually know?Am I growing up?

I think I'm just lazy. I don't think I'm growing up.

Friends and Family.... don't keep asking yourself who will tag you now? You can count on me.


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