Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Hi, I'm Heidi"

Today I ventured to Owasso, home of Marshall, for a bridal shower thrown by my future MIL's friends!
It was so great to meet all their sweet friends.
The wonderful hostesses!

The amazing moms!

My posse.

Who doesn't love having everyone stare at them while they open gifts!??
Seriously, I love it. Does everyone not?

I have a feeling we will have quite a few eye related items in our home...

Marshall's amazing aunt, cousin and grandma flew in from Dallas for the day to be here for the shower!
How blessed they made me feel!

The futures who are so helpful with everything!

The bestie who drove from OKC to hang out with people she didn't know!
My sweet momma who makes me cry every time I think about leaving her!

It was a great day meeting new people and hearing stories about my in-laws! We are so loved and it's awesome to know people are praying for us! The only thing missing... my fiancé.

p.s. it's almost time to tell the secret!
I really hope y'all care!


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Amber said...

Oh cousin, so fun! I am so curious as to what that eye thing says!! You will have to let me know. Miss you and I can't wait to see you in a week (or so)!!!!!