Saturday, April 9, 2011


We know where we will be living February 2012-May 2012. No need to bring the heavy winter coats, we're headed to my birth state of Arizona!
Marshall will be working at an IHS facility in a tiny town called Sacaton, population 1,700. That's not a lot of people.
It is about 30 minutes from my aunt's house in Phoenix so we will shack up with her for 3 months.
I should probably call her and tell her it's official...
Aunt Nanc, if you're reading. IT'S OFFICIAL! You have 10 months to get ready for us :) I will tell you 14392052 times, but thank you for your generosity and love. side note- I tried calling my Aunt and her number is not in service... is someone trying to tell me something?

We are looking forward to being around family and excited for whatever adventures Arizona will bring us. I never thought I would live in AZ again! Oh how we don't ever know anything!

But first stop, Philadelphia!

p.s. Candace and Matthew are also supposed to be in AZ December-May.



Kara Pyo said...

arizona sounds like the perfect place to be in february...good timing :)

Jessica said...

so fun!! i have her new number - i'll email you :) xo

Amber said...

Whoo Hoo! So jealous!