Sunday, April 10, 2011

baby H

It was weird when my friends started to get married. Now they are starting to have babes.
And it's weird. But it's ooooh so very special.

Today we ventured to Tulsa for Mrs. Brittany "Boz" Friske's baby shower for baby Haven.
Baby Haven made out like a little princess. And every time a new gift was opened the crowd "ewwww" and "awwwww"ed.
SO cute. Everything. What a stylish dresser Haven Friske will be.

There was an impromptu princess photo booth. Because this little girl will be a princess.

I pretended I was pregnant like Boz.
Don't mind the weird black thing hanging out from my shirt.
That's my pretend unborn child's tail...

It was sooo good to be with friends celebrating Boz and her baby girl.
All the fun festivities are making me really excited for a few certain events to come!

Congratulations again Boz! I can't believe I won't get to be here when she arrives! Make sure she knows her Aunt Heidi.


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Brittany said...

love, love, LOVE it! and LOVE you!!! She will definitely know her Aunt Heidi. :) Thank you so much for coming and for the sweet gifts! We are both so blessed!