Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the land of endless breadsticks

Aaron and Teri had to get their fingerprints taken for the upcoming adoption. So we headed to OKC. One step closer to Baby niece/nephew Korean. anyone?

This kid is always more concerned about the grass and leaves than anything else.

After getting put into the system we were starving. And it was 4:00. Luckily there was an Olive Garden. And we were feeling the endless breadsticks and salad.

We were also the only ones in the place under the age 65...

I sweet talked our waiter into giving Jett the birthday desert that he deserved. After all it is his 1st birthday.
He was full so we were forced to eat it.



The Breakfast Lover said...

This is a beautiful baby! the cake its bigger than look delicious!

Jessica said...

i miss olive garden! (and you guys of course!!)