Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's cool to match

If you ever go to China you will automatically notice the strange amounts of matching couples walking hand in hand down the crowded streets.
This is strange to most Americans. To the Chinese it is strange that it is strange.While I was in Beijing one day I decided to take pictures of the matching couples for a few reasons. 1.To always remember the brave men who put on the same shirt as their girlfriends or wives2. The shirts are just awesome.3. They always are taking my picture so now they can know how it feels.4.To try and convince Marshall that we needed to do this.Kara & Peter do it. And they are cool.
(Their shirts are technically Korean matching couples shirts so might be a little cooler than what I have found)

Anyways, I made Marshall a slideshow presentation from matching couple photo day in Beijing, emailed it to him while I was in Chiner, and hope that it convinced him how perfect we would look in matching shirts.

I remembered the other day about this and thought all 5 of my readers should enjoy. So watch. Enjoy. It's a few minutes long, but the outfits are worth it.
Matching Couples

And are you wondering if the elementary slideshow worked?
It did.
kind of.


Ashley Smith said...

so funny! the song made it.

Jessica said...

amazing!!! i can't believe that is a real thing that people do. the bear shirts have to be the best (well, worst really) of them all!

Sydney said...

hahahaha! This is just too cute! Now I want to be twinsies!
Dude ... only two hours away? That's nothin! We'll have to do lunch :)