Saturday, October 2, 2010

for those that couldn't be there...

Saturday was a day of celebration. We were celebrating our little Jett's 1st birthday even though his actual birthday is October 6th.
This weekend we partied.

Jett's little buddy Bo came to party.
Bo is 3 weeks younger than Jett but 3 times bigger. He will protect Jett when they are in junior high.
Jett got this cute little radio flyer rocket from his parents. It was a hit. He loves it.

And what kind of party is there without Junior's?

Jett is popular with the kids.

There was a ball pit. Because, well, Jett likes balls.

But today was really into the leaves outside the pit.

He is a happy happy kid.

And when it came time to dig into the cake his emotions changed as fast as Oklahoma weather.




And who doesn't love having a bath with a house full of people staring at you?

It's too bad this kid gets no attention!

It was so fun to be able to be there celebrating his birthday. But it made me sad because I have these 2 other ridiculously cute and adorable nephews that live 1000 miles away. And I don't get to be at their birthday parties, and they probably don't even know that I am their coolest Aunt they will ever have. I miss those little rugrats.

I think it should be a rule that once you have kids you don't ever leave your family (you hear that Marshall). You should all live in one big giant house. Kind of like the new disgusting show Sister Wives on TLC, except no polygamist in the house. Just a giant house where all the kids run around and get their parents food and take out the trash.

Okay maybe not a house, maybe just a block. That way when the parents want to make more little kids they can.

That sounds like fun.



Jessica said...

OH MY GOSH, HE'S SO CUTE!!! can't believe he's almost one. and i am down with the family living rule. let's make it happen :)

Sydney said...

he is the CUTEST!! I'm loving these pics! Thanks for your comment on my blog!! I wish I COULD come visit!! :)