Monday, October 25, 2010

i miss all my friends. all the time.

I have experience in picking up my life and living alone, far away from family and friends. OKay, yes I had Kara and Tim and other people who are lame because they don't have blogs I can link to. And I am forever changed and blessed because of the friendships that formed in China.

But I know perfectly well what it is like to get on facebook and see pictures of all your friends together, or get a skype call of your whole family eating dinner together, or an email thread from your friends where you have no idea what or who they are talking about.
And it sucks.

But seeing and hearing these things helps you to feel closer to them even when you are far far away, and even when it makes you cry small rivers.

So today, I dedicate this blog post to Emily.

Not because she is all by her self with no one to talk. She has friends where she lives (they aren't us), But because she isn't here with us. And moving away is scary and she did it without a plan in sight! That takes balls. And she's got 'em!She's in Colorado, living in an adorable place, driving 30 minutes just to get a cherry limeade, and having the time of her life.

But we all miss her cute, tiny, unique self.
I came home from China, and a few weeks later she was gone.
Not Cool. I haven''t gotten my Emily-fix.
The holiday's need to get here so we can ALL play, close and far.

(how's that for a blog shout out?)

p.s. all photos are at least a year and a half old. sick.

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