Saturday, October 23, 2010

who cares if we win. we get to have a slumber party!

Game Day. We love game days in Stillwater. I know the outcome of the game wasn't what we were hoping for. But with us girls we are just happy to be together.

Cathy didn't get the memo about the pose for our creepy bench picture.
Our campus is beautiful in the fall.

I got to sit with Kori in the fancy seats.
All you can eat food, a fancy entrance, and your own personal cup holder for your margarita!
Thank you Kori!
This lady brought her OSU Snuggie. Her eyes kept closing during the game. The snuggie does its job.

The cart of course was out and open for business.
The crew.

It was chilly.
My dad is pretty great. He stays up till 3 am feeding drunk people!
This guy's brother is a fighter. Yes. A cage fighter.

Oh the things you learn sitting in lawn chairs on the strip!

I just love the days when my house is full of friends and food!
Until next home game!


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